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New Releases – Exciting News!!!

We will soon be releasing some very exciting products that we are in the process of completing our intensive testing on.

Our gorgeous new fragrance Cassis & Fig will be available in Candle, Diffuser and Wax Melt formats, bringing its aroma of sweet cherries, raspberries and cassis together with the warm smell of figs, to your home. One of Julia’s favourites, this scent is delicate, fruity, yet warm and perfect for those summer and autumnal evenings. Actually knowing Julia, she will burn this all year round!!

Second News just hot off the press are our NEW Citronella & Lemongrass with Natural Insect Repellant candles and diffusers. Blended with essential oils, extracts and natural ingredients and an effective natural insect repellant to scare those pesky bitey insects away, whilst you enjoy your gardens and summer evenings.

We have created some beautiful reusable candle vessels for this fragrance. Yes, we really did make them! These vessels will come with a lid so that they can be reused & repurposed for many things and will look stunning in any garden or setting. Picture to follow soon!

Also available in a reed diffuser for those that prefer that fragrance distribution or when a candle flame is not appropriate.

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