Jan & Julia

Our Story

When you support a small business you are supporting a dream

A Good Fragrance is really a Powerful Cocktail of Memories and Emotions

Hello! …we are Jan & Julia –  creators and owners of Jan & Julia Limited.  We have been working together for many years in the world of finance and accounting and wanted to start doing something different, something for ourselves, bringing our passion for home fragrances into a business venture. We have always loved luxury candles and reed diffusers with the rich aroma and delicate notes that float through the home, because a good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotions which can create harmony and balance in the home. We love walking into our own homes and taking a relaxing breath in, and thinking, wow! styling our home with fragrance. We enrolled on a course in candle making with a truly inspirational, local successful candlemaker and businesswoman where we found our calling and Jan and Julia Limited was born. After forming our company, we spent a lot of time creating our branding and doing research and development into how we wanted to create our luxury candles and products. This involved many hours of testing, rejecting and retesting for months.

The right recipe for maximum enjoyment

We evolved our recipe for the correct combination of the wax we wanted to use together with the right amount of fragrance. This ensures that the candle throws out the optimum scent whilst burning, right to the end, together with the correctly chosen wick to ensure a perfect burn. Poured at the right temperature, this ensures all elements are blended to give you maximum enjoyment of our candles. All this was done following our Candle making training and safety guidelines. We spent a lot of time researching local and UK stockists to help towards building the economy back up, buying British where possible and are always looking for local suppliers. Our aim is to choose responsibly sourced and recycled products where available. We are working on new products and lines in the background and will be adding these as we evolve and grow. During Covid and lockdown one thing we really missed was person to person interaction. Everything became distant. You could only message ‘bots’ online and couldn’t speak to a real person. Therefore, we decided that we would add a phone number that you could call us on and get a reply from within a reasonable amount of time. We will be responding personally to every email and every phone call we receive. We feel that this element is essential to helping us grow and giving quality customer service. We would love to hear from you.

Why we are doing this

We were fed up with buying disappointing candles that tunnelled and didn’t give out fragrances after the first few burns and reed diffusers that you really didn’t notice after the first few days once opened – even though you bought what you thought was an expensive well known make! We wanted quality home fragrances that lasted and permeated our homes beautifully.

What we are doing now:

Black Plum & Rhubarb Room Mist Spray

We have been testing the latest addition to our range and are now excited to launch our fabulous range of Room Mists in your favourite candle scent to enjoy anytime. Complimenting our range beautifully, these can be used to create an ambient atmosphere to add an additional piece of magic and an extra layer of fragranced freshness. One spray can give you endless joy as you release it into your home and develop an aura that excites your senses. This versatile Room Mist can also be used to infuse linen with your favourite scent. 

We have two new scents in the pipeline currently being tested and we have booked up several markets this year already – see our news page for further details on where you can find us.

Another project still ongoing is creation of trays for our candles and candle care kit, together with launching our handmade vessels for our candles which will be available for the new scents.  These vessels have been handcrafted by ourselves and can be reused and repurposed for many different things.   The trays are available now and if you can’t see them on our website yet, please email us for details whilst we upload it to our website.