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We have changed our wax melts to make them more eco-friendly, and now make them from coconut and rapeseed oil and the finest UK fragrance.  We use biodegradeable botanicals for decoration and they may arrive either in a beautiful, recyclable white gift box, held in place by recycled tissue paper and a seeded card holder which you can plant and grow flowers from – the gift that keeps on giving!  The box they come in can be repurposed or reused too! Or, our new packaging which we are still ‘tweaking’ which is a resealable recycled pouch which uses less packaging! – All in line with our ethos.  Wax Melts make an ideal present and if you’d like to spend a little more, compliment them with a candle or reed diffuser in the same fragrance, or speak to us about making a bespoke gift set for you.

Scented wax melts are an incredibly unique, efficient way to provide fragrance in an area of your choice. They are small units that pack an aromatic punch, and can be used to set the mood or simply freshen up a space.

These can be used on a wax melter or burner providing an efficient way to scent your home. Once the wax has been warmed and melted by the melter it releases the gorgeous fragrances around your home.

In a situation where the naked flame of a candle is not desired, they are perfect to use in an electric wax melter.

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